We help passengers who have suffered delayed and canceled flights with obtaining compensation.

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For what purpose should I provide a child’s birth certificate?

The child’s birth certificate confirms that the person signing the contract on his/her behalf is the legal guardian.

What will be the amount of the compensation?
  • The amount of compensation depends on the length of the flight. It is paid in cash, unless the Passenger agrees to accept a voucher or travel vouchers.
The amount due in case the carrier offered
an alternative flight and if the time
of arrival does not exceed the scheduled arrival time of the originally booked flight by:

Type of flight Amount of compensation Difference in the time
of arrival
Amount of

Flight up to 1500 km EUR 250 2 hours EUR 125

Flights within the EU of
more than 1500 km,
for other flights from 1500 km to 3500 km
EUR 400 3 hours EUR 200

All other flights EUR 600 4 hours EUR 300


What is the waiting time to get compensation from an airline?

Each case should be treated individually. The complexity of the case translates into the time of its resolution. In special circumstances, the waiting time for compensation can be extended by up to 24 months.

What documents, and in what form, do I need to be able to apply for compensation?
Commercial Flights Charter Flights

ticket / electronic ticket

boarding pass

contract with a travel agency n/a

birth certificate in case of a minor

It is necessary to distinguish what type of flight the passenger used. For scheduled flights, the required documents include a ticket and boarding pass. However, for charter flights, these are: a contract with a travel agency and a boarding pass. In respect of both types of flight, in the case of a minor passenger, a birth certificate is additionally required. This is due to the fact that a legal guardian signs the documents on behalf of the minor passenger.

If the airline refused my application, can I transfer my case to Delayfix.com?

Yes, in this case, in addition to the required documents, please provide all of your correspondence with the airline. In many cases, airlines abuse the term “special circumstances” to avoid liability for a delayed or canceled flight.

How much time do I have to claim compensation for a delayed or canceled flight?

A passenger may apply for compensation within one year of the flight being delayed or canceled. This deadline results from the resolution of the Supreme Court from the 17  March 2017 – Ref. act III CZP 111/16.

What if I do not have a Polish bank account?

Delayfix.com is flexible in regard to the payment of compensation obtained for a passenger and offers several options that are available on the market. Among others, we offer Western Union transfers, transfers to foreign bank accounts and postal orders.

In what currency will I receive my compensation?

Compensation is paid in PLN and EUR, depending on the form of transfer of compensation preferred by the passenger.

The carrier compensated me for the cost of the ticket for the canceled flight. In this case, am I entitled to additional compensation for an unrealized flight?

Compensation is payable to a passenger whose flight is canceled as a result of factors dependent on the carrier even though the carrier refunded the purchase price of the ticket.

My flight was postponed to the next day, and the carrier covered the cost of the hotel and food. In this case, am I entitled to additional compensation for the delay?

Covering the cost of hotel, food and transport by the carrier results from the content of EC Regulation 261/2004 and does not exclude the Passenger’s right to obtain compensation. The carrier may not reduce this compensation by the costs incurred thereby.

How can I report my case to Delayfix.com?

The easiest and fastest way to report a case is via the [link] located on our website. An alternative channel for reporting a case is relaying the details of the case to a consultant in the Passenger Support Department at 222 929 222.

How is a flight delay calculated?

Flight delay time is calculated when the Passenger reaches the destination port of his/her journey. This is the moment when the plane is parked – “Block Time”.

What does the process of obtaining compensation look like?

After a passenger has reported a case to Delayfix.com, an assignment of liability agreement is signed. On the basis of such agreement, we begin proceedings by first seeking an amicable resolution. In case of a lack of a resolution, we take the case to court. Delayfix.com contacts the passenger after completing the proceedings in a given case.

What costs do I incur in the event of a lost case?

In the event of lost case, a passenger does not bear any costs.

Who bears the court and tax fees?

The fees related to legal proceedings are always covered by Delayfix.com.

Who bears the costs of the translation of documents?

The fees related to the translation of documents for the purposes of court proceedings are covered by Delayfix.com.

Is a passenger ever obliged to make an advance payment?

Delayfix.com never collects advance payments from passengers.

Does Delayfix.com inform passengers about the status of proceedings?

Delayfix.com does not inform passengers about the current status of proceedings until their completion.

I do not have boarding cards, can I apply for compensation?

In case of a lack of the boarding card for charter flights, it is possible to apply for compensation; however, the passenger will have to sign an additional document – a sanction statement.

What is my cost of transferring a case to Delayfix.com ?

A passenger transferring a case to Delayfix.com does not bear any costs. The remuneration for conducting the case is collected from the compensation obtained.

Why am I entitled to only EUR 400 for a delayed/canceled flight to the Canary Islands or Madeira?

According to EC Regulation 261/2004, all flights within the EU have a maximum of EUR 400 as compensation for a delayed or canceled flight, including those exceeding 3,500 km.


Airlines often refuse to pay compensation to passengers. In such situations, a passenger who does not have sufficient legal knowledge usually resigns from further actions that require knowledge of procedures related to bringing a case to court, participating in hearings, etc.

The solution is to use the support of a specialized company such as OpóźnionySamolot.pl, which takes over all activities aimed at obtaining due compensation. The passenger must only complete the application and sign the contract.

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