If your plane was delayed more than 3 hours or your flight was canceled for reasons attributable to the carrier less than 14 days before the scheduled departure, you are entitled to compensation of up to EUR 600.

We provide support with obtaining compensation.

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qualifies for compensation.
Complete the application by attaching the
necessary documents.

We take care of the rest!

We call on the carrier to pay and take the case to court.

You receive extra funds for you to do with as you please!

You receive compensation.

You risk nothing!

We will take your compensation case and you can receive as much as EUR 600.


Check what documents you need and fill out the form.


Commercial flights Charter flights

ticket / electronic ticket

boarding pass

agreement with a travel agency

birth certificate in case of a child


Enter the flight details and check the amount of your possible compensation


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I will do it myself:

I will give the case to Delayfix.com:

Time commitment (making a complaint, correspondence with the airlines, lawsuit, court visits).
Minimum amount of work on the passenger’s side – limited to handing over documents and filling out a simple form.
Process fees: translation of documents, administrative and court fees.
Delayfix.com covers all legal costs.
Inability to verify the accuracy of the airline’s response.
Exstensive experience of Delayfix.com and knowledge of verdicts in court proceedings.
In case of a loss, the passenger bears all the legal costs.
In case of a loss, all costs are covered by Delayfix.com.


Enter the flight details and check the amount of your possible compensation!


Collect your 600+

About us


Delayfix is a brand owned by Passenger Rights.

The company was founded to support air-travelers, who find themselves in difficult situations, such as flight delays or cancellations. We inform you about your rights and we support you in obtaining due benefit (resulting from the EC Regulation 261/2004). The principles of our operation are simple and transparent, and the process of accepting and processing applications is supported by customer service experts, which makes the entire procedure safe for the applicant. Throughout the 4 years of operation, we have already helped thousands of travelers and recovered for them millions of Polish Zlotys. We save our clients time and ensure professional handling of the case. Trust in our specialists increases the likelihood of receiving compensation, because it is a team of lawyers, specialists in aviation law, who by using their experience and knowledge effectively support Passengers in obtaining due monetary benefits.


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Enter the flight details and check the amount of your compensation.


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