Missed flight? Have you missed interchange due to airline’s fault? – get compensated

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Travelling to distant destinations by plane is connected with a need to plan an interchange flight. The traveller needs to plan both connections and make sure that he/she will be on time for the other flight. Unfortunately, there are situation at times where due to the delayed original flight we are late for and miss the other one. If this is done due to the airline, we may claim compensation.

  1. File with us for a connecting flight  

    DelayFix.com will help you to get compensated for a missed connecting flight as it has provided services in this respect for 6 years. Our team is made of experienced legal experts who support passengers in getting compensated by airlines.

    All the passengers who use our website may be advised by phone or on-line on the amount of their compensation for a missed connecting flight, documents necessary to effectively file an application and the whole application process. Every customer may also be advised on their case and the compensated money will be immediately sent to their accounts upon their requests being allowed by the airlines.

  2. When can you apply for compensation for missed flight?  

    Before taking any further steps, every passenger should make sure if all the connecting flights were within the same booking order or were ordered separately. Compensation for missed connecting flight is due if a passenger is advised by the airline on a change of itinerary at least 14 days before the planned departure. Applying for compensation also depends on the conditions of the alternative flight suggested by the carrier.

    A very important condition that needs to be fulfilled for a passenger to claim compensation for a missed connecting flight is the fault of the airlines. In practice, this means that the cash compensation will be given only to those passengers whose connecting flight is missed due to the direct carrier’s fault. Compensation will not be given in case of bad weather preventing the flight on a scheduled date, situation at the airport or any other factors beyond carrier’s control.

  3. How to claim compensation for a delayed connecting flight?  

    Cash compensation for a missed connecting flight may be up to EUR 600 and its amount depends on the time of delay and length of the flight. In order to find out what cash amount is due and effectively apply for compensation, simply complete the free form available on our site and leave the rest to the qualified service of DelayFix.com who will take care for respecting passenger’s rights and due compensation from the airlines.

You should keep all your travel documents - boarding pass, ticket and booking confirmation.