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Summer holiday is the time when we are willing to travel by plane. Sometimes it happens that the flight is cancelled or delayed. Every passenger should know that in this case he/she may apply for cash compensation for cancelled flight. How to effectively apply for compensation from airlines?

  1. File for compensation with us  

    Cancelled flight compensation service offered by is to facilitate asserting claims of every passenger in relation to the cancelled flight. The team of our employees is composed of qualified legal experts whose experience and practical skills help every customer to smoothly go through the compensation procedure.

    By using services of our website, passengers may not only find out what rights they have in connection with a cancelled flight but also apply for a cash compensation that is legal and due to them if cancellation is done at the fault of the airlines.

  2. When can you claim compensation for cancelled flight?  

    The basic condition to be granted compensation for a cancelled flight is the carrier’s liability for the situation. The persons whose flight has been cancelled on the reasons independent from the airlines, such as due to the unfavourable weather, political situation or issues at the airport, unfortunately, will not be able to claim compensation. In this case, fault is not directly at the carrier’s side, who has made every effort to assure the flight started on time.

    Much different is the case if cancellation is done on at carrier’s fault. In this case, a passenger who has a ticket for a specific flight may claim cash compensation for incomplete travel to which he/she is entitled according to the law. Given the rather complicated procedure of applying for compensation, you should entrust it to who on your behalf will submit any required documents and manage the case from start to the end.

  3. How to obtain compensation for cancelled flight?  

    The main purpose of is to simplify as much as possible the whole procedure of applying for compensation. In order to be able to claim compensation, every passenger should keep travel documents (boarding pass, ticket or flight booking confirmation) and use the form available on our site. Submitting a request by our site is completely free and the procedure poses no risk to the passenger. Our high efficiency of 95% and a 5-year experience in supporting customers in applying for compensation guarantees smooth and satisfactory solution of every even most complex case.

You should keep all your travel documents - boarding pass, ticket and booking confirmation.