Delayed flight? Get compensation

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Aircrafts are currently the fastest and most convenient means of transport that allows to reach the most distant regions of the world. Despite that the airlines do their best to ensure that flights are on time, it might be the case that a flight is delayed. Every passenger should know that in this case he/she is entitled to the compensation for delayed flight of even EUR 600.

  1. File with us for delayed flight  

    Caring for interests of people travelling by plane, has come up with a compensation for delayed flight. Its primary purpose is to facilitate every passenger using the airlines to apply for compensation for delayed flight. Our specialized staff familiarized with airline regulations provides fast and trouble-free compensation for any delayed flight.

    For 6 years, has effectively supported their customers in applying for cash compensation for delayed flight. Broad experience of our experts and a proficient knowledge of legal regulations guarantee that rights of travellers are respected by airlines from the whole world and shorten the effort needed to effectively apply for cash compensation for delayed flight.

  2. When are you due for compensation?  

    Every traveller should know when he/she is due for compensation for delayed flight. The two basic requirements are carrier’s fault for flight delay and the time in which the target port is reached. If a delay is equal or longer than 3 hours (landing moment at the target airport is included) and the cause of delay is directly at fault of the airlines, every passenger is entitled to a cash compensation of even EUR 600

    But if flight delay is due to the reasons beyond carrier’s control, including bad weather, military action or issues at the airport, compensation will not be given since the carrier is not liable for the situation.

  3. How to get compensated for delayed flight?  

    Applying for cash compensation for delayed flight via is very simple. In order to use our delayed flight compensation service, simply fill out the application form on our website and provide all the required information on the flight and passengers. Submission is completely free and bears no risk.

    All the passengers who use the delayed flight compensation service at, already before the decision to submit an application, may check the amount of compensation they are entitled to. It can be done directly on the website by filling out the form or contacting our customer service by phone who will give you all the answers.