We Have a New Website! See Our New Look

Hundreds of hours devoted to discussing the possibilities, thousands of minutes of work on the details, hectolitres of coffee drunk during the works, and many a disagreement over the final effect. This is how we could summarise the battle we have fought to bring this change to you - show you our new layout and our new look. Finally, it is here! We are proud to present you with our new website.

Why no longer OpóźnionySamolot.pl?

We want to fly to new heights and in order to do that we needed a refreshed layout. But what it means is not only an aesthetic change but also an even bigger effectiveness of operations and even more work we can do for you. We are a member of the company Passenger Rights and we believe that it is our passengers who are the most important. Because of that, we had to change so that we could offer you something new and better. We hope you will be satisfied with our work.


What is new?

The entirety of the website is based on a new engine, thanks to which it will work even better. Air travel compensations are still the focus of our work and we are doing everything so that you can win your cases and recover money that should be yours. The new version includes not only the new and refreshed website but also a more efficient way of communicating, a greater transparency of operations, and greater possibilities. We want to help you get your 600+ back! That is why we have launched something new, to be even better at fighting for compensations from airlines.


We still work the same

But the way we work is not changed! You spare just a moment to check if your case qualifies for a fight for compensation. Fill out the form, attach all the necessary documents, and send it to us online. We do all the rest for you! We analyse your case, call on the airline to make the payment, and, if a need arises, file a motion in court. The third step is now only to get your compensation and your additional funds for future flights or to be used as you see fit.


Use the new possibilities

Learn what rights you have. The Passenger Rights Foundation takes care to make sure that every passenger knows what they can expect from a carrier. Remember that even in an event of a one hour delay you should receive an appropriate information. Every next delay or cancellation puts additional responsibilities on the airline: issuing food vouchers, compensation for the flight or switch to another flight. You have your rights and with us you can fight for them. Visit our new website - https://delayfix.com/pl/ - and see that you are not left to your own devices. Remember to always keep track of our news and not to hesitate to consult us. We are here to help you.


Easier communication

Thanks to opening our new website, we can more easily assist you in your fight for compensation. We have simplified our contact form and, what is more, now you can also call us. All so that you can get your compensation for a delayed flight much faster and much more easily. In each of the tabs you will find a different aspect of our work. Check out the terms and the price list and see how much you can gain and what you can count on. In the "Foundation" tab you will learn more about your rights and the work of Passenger Rights. In the FAQ, you will see the most frequently asked questions that can prove useful to you. Our new website means a transparency of operations and an ease of finding information.


Who are we?

On our new website, you will find data from the best specialists in air law, international law, and domestic law, which means that you can be sure that any information you get from us will be binding. We do our best to perfect our staff and the new website helps us present them to you. Put your trust in us, just like thousands of people who have been with us for four years. Remember that you are entitled to indemnity or compensation which we are assisting with.


Do not hesitate before asserting your own rights. A cancellation of your flight is not just your problem. Knowing the industry, we want to get to anyone who needs help. We like to fly ourselves and we know how important it is to have a quiet flight and to reach the destination safely. That is why we are here - with our new look - especially for you!

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