Top 10. The Most Unusual Airports in the World

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Travelling on a plane is for almost everyone. 200 000 flights every day, 20 000 airliners in the sky at the same time, and almost 4 bn passengers served a year. No wonder then that flying is considered to be the safest mode of communication. All the more so in places that could compete with many a tourist mecca when it comes to how unusual they are. Here are the most exceptional airports in the world.

Don Mueang International Airport - Thailand

One of the most interesting airports in the world, second biggest in Thailand. Don Mueang is constantly teeming with life but not only because of the passengers and airplanes. That is because between its airstrips there is a ... golf course. A red light warns the players about danger during a game.


Courchevel Altiport - Courchevel

The French airport is a starting base on a journey to the mecca of winter sports in the homeland of Napoleon. At the same time, among all the international airports in Europe, this one is situated at the highest point. The Courchevel Airport is also an exceptional airport in regards to the degree of difficulty of landing and take-off. It is located in the Alps, has a very short airstrip (525 m), and its individual points are situated at different heights.


Lukla Airport - Nepal

One of the most dangerous airports in the world and the one situated at the highest elevation. It is the last stop before climbing the highest mountain in The Himalayas. The airstrip of this airport is only 460 meters long. Moreover, it is only 20 meters wide, so there is really not much room. At the end of the airstrip, there is a 600 m precipice. Without a doubt, it is one of the most technically difficult airports.


Sea Ice Runway - The Antarctic

Unusual but, in spite of appearances, a very comfortable and safe airport. It is located on ice underneath which there is the ocean. The airport was laid out near an American base and it can accommodate even the biggest machines. Curiously, pilots who land there say that the security of operations is almost identical as in the case of landing on concrete.


Princess Juliana International Airport - Sint Maarten

An airport which has been much-spoken about for many years. First of all because its location almost touches the lovely Maho Beach. Every time great airliners land in Sint Maarten, vacationers relaxing on the beach can admire them - from the distance of 20-30 m. All thanks to the short airstrip and the specific character of the setting. In 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed the airport, but it has already started functioning again.


Gisborne Airport - New Zealand & Gibraltar International Airport - Gibraltar

Why are those two airports being mentioned together? They are both characterised by something exceptional, namely ... an intersection. In the case of New Zealand, it is an intersection of a normally functioning railway line and the airport. In Gibraltar, it is the Winston Churchill Avenue that intersects with the airport. In both cases, the traffic has to be stopped in order for the planes to take off.


Kansai International Airport - Japan

Why do people make airports on the water? Because of practicability. That was the reason for the creation of an artificial island and the airport on it - the Kansai Airport in Japan. But landing there is not the most pleasant. Even though the airstrip is long and comfortable, the entirety of the terrain is vulnerable to tsunamis, high tides, and the island itself is slowly disintegrating, going underwater. Soon, this airport will cease to exist.


Madeira International Airport - Portugal

A charming Portuguese island is one of the most visited places in the country famous for the music of Fado and for Port wine. That is why it was decided to expand the airport which had not been able to accommodate the biggest machines. It became possible thanks to the elongation of the airstrip. How was it done? Because of the lack of space, engineers chose to make it longer by putting it on a solid construction of concrete piles 70 m high. On one side, the airport is surrounded by elevations, on the other - the ocean. So the sight is incredible.


Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport - USA

Special from the point of view of history. There are two gravestones of the Dotson family members on the airport plate. The land was private and the airport authorities could not find the family's descendants. As a result, the bodies remained in their place which is now under the airstrip.

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