1. How do I file a claim with Delayfix? Check  

    The easiest and fastest way to file a claim is to use the [form] on our website. Alternatively, you can give your flight details to our Legal Department consultant by telephone +48 222 929 222 or email [email protected].

  2. Can a claim be pursued by two companies at one time?  

    No. You can receive compensation only once. It is pointless to pursue a claim with two companies. The compensation will be payable to the company that first signs a contract with the customer. Further, you may be charged for the costs incurred.

  3. Can I file my claim with Delayfix after it has been dismissed by the airline?  

    Yes. In this case you should send us the correspondence exchanged with the airline in addition to the required documents.

  4. How long back can a claim for compensation for flight delay or cancellation be filed?  

    You can claim compensation within one year after the flight delay or cancellation.

  5. How is the delay time calculated?  

    The delay time is calculated from the moment when you arrive at your destination. Arrival means the time at which the door of the aircraft is opened.

  6. How much do I have to pay if the dispute is lost?  

    If the dispute is lost, you will not be required to pay any costs.

  7. Do I have to pay any tax on the compensation I receive?  

    Yes. You should declare the amount received (from DelayFix S.A.) in your PIT 36 / PIT 37 tax return in the line “Other sources”.



  1. Check if you are entitled to compensation Check
  2. When am I entitled to compensation?
  3. When you are not entitled to compensation


  1. What documents do I need to claim compensation?
  2. Why do I need to provide my child’s birth certificate?